Mother Nature

Kakadu Plum

Kakadu plum is a rare and multi vitamin rich wild plant, which is widely distributed in the northwest of Australia to the east of Anheng. It is the fruit with the highest known vitamin C content. Every 100g of pulp contains 3200-5000 mg of vitamin C, and its vitamin C is 100 times that of orange, which is the king of vitamin C in the world.

Growth Environment


Kakadu plum is widely grown in the subtropical forest land of Northern Territory And Western Australia, where extreme weather is a harvest challenge. In summer, the temperature can be 40 degrees Celsius for 16 hours a day.

Picking and transportation


In order to best preserve the freshness of Kakadu Li fruit, the whole transportation process of Kakadu Li is sealed, fresh and shockproof, so as to ensure the most complete fruit state of Kakadu Li into the processing plant. In this process, constant control of temperature and humidity to ensure that the nutrients of fruits are not lost.


Due to the bad environment, the local aborigines can only harvest in the wild. The local high temperature weather of more than 40 degrees lasts for more than 16 hours, and the harvest period is only 6 to 3 months. After picking, the native people around the bloom land will select the high-quality fruit.

Production extraction

The kakaduli transported to the factory will undergo twice strict manual screening, select the best quality fruit, through more than ten processes such as dust removal and disinfection, full grinding, high concentration compression, purification process, etc., compact extraction, and finally extract the purified raw materials of kakaduli; and seal the extracted materials for use in the cost formula.